Friday, June 27, 2008

The True Story Behind The Fall Of The Berlin Wall

Some people may give Ronald Reagan all the credit for the fall of the Berlin wall, others point at Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev's policy of glasnost - allowing public criticism of the communist party - for being the cause of the events surrounding the end of the Cold War. How did the Berlin Wall come down? What is the Berlin Wall timeline? What are the facts about the Berlin Wall?

I think there are many contributing factors responsible for the destruction of the Berlin Wall and the communist regime in East Germany. However, the strongest push came from the rebellious power of a suppressed people.

When enough is finally enough, and a government shows no willingness whatsoever to move toward serving its citizenry, the synergy of mounting unrest combined with additional, seemingly coincidental events will create a most irresistible force for change.

This is exactly what happened in East Berlin. Visit my page with incredibly dramatic eyewitness videos of the growing tension at the border crossing before the people crashed through into freedom. Another clip shows the escape of three men and one woman across the border river Spree. The woman is too exhausted to pull herself up on the shore wall. A speed boat with armed border guards is moving in...

What really happened in November of 1989.

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