Monday, January 26, 2009

How to buy Agasweet flavored agave nectar online!

Are you looking for an easy and secure way to order AGASWEET flavored agave nectar online? Would you like to take advantage of the BEST PRICE for AGASWEET flavored agave? Please visit my brand-new page with info on: "How to Buy Agasweet Online" What is AGASWEET? A 100% natural, pure, organic sweetener made from the juice of the agave plant, flavored with organic essential oils or pure extracts. Sounds good? Wait! There's more... The low-glycemic index rating of this delicious syrup makes it a great alternative sweetener for most diabetics and health-conscious folks concerned with their glucose intake. It won't cause an insulin spike, commonly called "sugar rush". Due to its purity, agave nectar won't crystallize like honey. No refrigeration is necessary! Perfect for cooking and baking, sweetening your coffee, tea, and even cold beverages. Again - wait, there's more... Flavored agave nectar can also be used as a healthy pancake syrup, or even as a glaze for seafood, poultry, and meats. The possibilities are endless! As Chef Keem (that's me, but you knew that...) always says - "Agasweet makes a gourmet chef out of you, with a simple squeeze or two..." The new Agasweet shopping site is up. Please stop by for a visit. Thank you! I would like to thank Squidoo lensmaster extraordinaire, Squid Angel "Squidster", for her generous assistance with coding the ordering widgets. Chef Jenni, over at "Pastry Chef Online", has been very enthusiastic with her support of my Agasweet. Check out JMField's new site for her unique approach to cooking and baking! When you have a moment, visit the incredibly resourceful blog of the "Reluctant Gourmet". Chef Jenni gave a great interview there, and I will be featured soon with my story. Thank you, all my dear readers, for your ongoing interest in my work. I appreciate your friendship so much!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kangaroo Lasagna and Funny Animations

Unrelated, friends! This doesn't mean you'll break into funny moves after stuffing your pouch with some saucy marsupial manga... I wanna share some good stuff with you! Number one - what a fine chef he is, this Mr. Benjamin Christie! Australian to boot. Celebrity, no less. Never more than a hop or two away from a bowl of kangaroo mince, his recipes are unique and intriguing, and not too difficult to do. Check out Chef Ben's fine blog and follow him on Twitter, if you like. Number two - looky thar! No more fast food, o.k.! FUNNY ANIMATED GIFS - FUNNY ANIMATED GIFS - Oh boy! Can I have a few more male subscribers here... FUNNY ANIMATED GIFS - FUNNY ANIMATED GIFS - Click on the link to get your own animations. They're free and might enhance your pages. You know, the ones with enhancement others, I mean...I'm digging myself into a hole... Better stop digging.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fabulous Discoveries - SEO Sea Salt!

Two different topics - two fabulous finds! First, a great read on why good content is important for a successful website or blog. Read this article from a fellow blogger on this site. Secondly, my most exciting food find in a long time: Espresso Brava Fusion Sea Salt! I currently work on a few new candy creations for my specialty food biz company, Sweet Venus Delights. While looking around for inspiration on something "caramel chocolate plus?", I discovered that Espresso Sea Salt seems to be the latest addition to innovative dessert dishes. We know that our President-elect enjoys Fran's Chocolates' Smoked Sea Salt Caramels in Milk Chocolate. I wrote about this on my Squidoo lens: Barack Obama's Favorite Chocolates. I personally don't like the taste of smoked salt with my chocolate, but Espresso Sea Salt is a whole 'nuther grain in the shaker! (I just made up this expression, how do you like it? LOL) It makes a lot of sense - espresso and chocolate are a very old couple. Tried and true. And salt is good with anything (except for my morning coffee), especially with caramels. Look at these pics and shopping links on my "Culinary Arts Lensography". I recommend you shop for the bulk offering - it's much cheaper. My local Central Market (in TX only) sells it for $18.99 a pound. Sounds much, but salt is not that heavy. You'll get a lot for a few bucks. I'm sure most Whole Foods Markets carry Espresso Brava Fusion Sea Salt as well. If not, they should, and will - it's that good. Sprinkle some on your dessert preparations and experiment with it on your savory dishes. It opens a whole new door of epicurean pleasures. And your mouth, too.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Holidays over - a whole new year ahead...

This year is going to be about focus - On consistent blogging. On keeping my Squidoo lenses fresh. On writing my ebook. On building my affiliate empire. On helping my Squidoo buddies. On fundraising for Operation Helmet. On loving more. Not necessarily in that order. I love you.