Saturday, June 14, 2008

My First Cooking Teachers - Mom And Dad!

My mother taught me many things about her rich Bohemian/Austrian way of cooking. Her Wiener Schnitzel recipe is featured in my Squidoo page "Chef Keem's Best Recipes To Die From".
So is her scrumptious potato salad preparation. (With a few of my own additions)

My dad knew how to make great cakes and dishes with incredible ground beef sauces.

We were the last family on the block to have a TV set or a car. Good food was always the first expense in our daily lives. Quality cold cuts and cheeses for dinner, excellent roasts for Sunday lunches, frequent restaurant visits to outstanding eateries - those were the things important to my parents.

I was spoiled rotten and I never knew it. Now I made a squidoo lens about my parents - my super heroes.

The photograph shows my mom as a little girl in Vienna.

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