Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Tipsy Texan and French Chansons

TexaFrance - anyone? Christine Albert is one of the most charming and talented singer/songwriters ever to come out of my adopted home state of Texas. She is "part Edith Piaf, part cowgirl, and always (all ways) wonderful...", wrote New Texas Magazine in April of 1992. I've listened to her live concerts many times, usually in intimate club settings around Austin. Her renditions of classic French chansons always touch me deep in my heart. Go browse her website and you might just find what you always wanted to hear.

Back to the Tipsy Texan. His name is David, and I see him every Saturday at the farmers market where he sells incredibly good artisan coffee by Katz Coffee from Houston. Try the "Jumping Mouse" sometime! Turns out, David is a fabulous blogger, talking about seasonal specialties like loquats, and what you can do with it. He loves to experiment with wine making and new cocktail recipes, and he is a fantastic chef, too. Visit the Tipsy Texan - it's a lot of fun!

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