Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Is Agave Nectar Better Than Honey?

It's a tough question - if you even want to try for an answer.

Both agave nectar and honey are fantastic gifts of nature. Honey has wonderful healing properties - it was one of the first medicines for wound treatment known to man.

Especially around here, in Austin, Texas - many folks use honey to fight off allergies.

However, agave nectar has the lower glycemic index rating and a higher fructose vs. glucose ratio. That's extremely important to people who watch their glucose intake. Diabetics should consult with their doctor about adding agave nectar to their diet. It might be a perfectly acceptable sweetener if they work it sensibly into their meal plans.

I've started a hot new debate on this brand-new "Hey, Monkeybrain" lens:

"Agave Nectar Is Better Than Honey!"

Come join the discussion - only personal opinions count!


Diana said...

I use Agave nectar almost exclusively for sweetener. We're moving to Germany in less than 2 weeks (from Austin incidentally). Do you know if it's available in Germany? We'll be a bit SE of Frankfurt but would travel to stock up. Also, do you ship it there?


Chef Keem said...

Hi Diana,
I believe agave nectar is now available in Europe, but I don't have any exact info as to which stores carry it. I'm sorry, but I don't ship overseas. Good luck with your relocation!