Monday, June 30, 2008

Thinking Inside Of The Box: Square Watermelons

This is brainstorming at its best.

The Japanese don't have much room to spare. Not in their inner cities, not in their apartments, and definitely not in their refrigerators.

Watermelons? Forget it. They're huge, oblong, and they take up a lot of negative space.

The only solution possible? Transmute that negative space into a positive. Make square watermelons. Huh?

Read this amazing story on Procter & Gamble brand manager Dave Knox's blog: "Hard Knox Life".

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Dave Knox said...

Chef...thanks for the plug on Square Watermelons and Hard Knox Life. Glad you enjoyed the post. The simple, yet genius creativity of this amazes me. What a simple solution to a problem most of us had never thought of!