Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Great Foodies Are Not Always Chefs. Meet Margaret Schaut!

Depending on your criteria of standards, you could call Margaret Schaut the "Best Squidoo Lensmaster Ever". She probably deserves that title no matter what your criteria are.

However, Margaret has created incredibly good food lenses. They are well-researched and chock-full of fabulous recipes, relevant information, and fantastic shopping tips.

Everyone loves chocolate.
Not everyone knows about Amish recipes.
Everyone loves chili.
Not everyone knows about the salts of the Earth.

When you have reached the bottom after reading one of Margaret's Squidoo pages, you walk away with a significantly enriched awareness of the subject, and a satisfied feeling of joy for having learned something new and good.

Brand-new today: A portrait of the person behind the icon -
Margaret Schaut Superhero

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