Monday, June 16, 2008

Blakberi Lavender Fizz (that's how they spell it!)

Recently, I've noticed more and more recipe sites with suggestions to use agave nectar instead of refined sugars. Several of them now talk about flavor-infused syrups, and they give instructions on how to make these infusions. As many of you know, my line of Agasweet flavored agave nectars presents a perfect blend of flavorings and syrup. Instead of tinkering yourself with herbs and hot water, you could simply use one of my Agasweet varieties with high-quality essential oils as a flavoring ingredient.

Two days ago, one of my mail order customers sent me a link to a wonderful drink recipe, so I'll share it with you. The cocktail is called "Blakberi Lavender Fizz".

I hope you'll get through these hot summer days with a cool tummy by experimenting with flavored agave nectars as healthy and tasty additions to teas, waters, and refreshing cocktails.

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