Monday, July 7, 2008

Welcome to Bistro Le Marseillais!

Wouldn't you be elated if you knew that these two friendly folks were first-rate chefs and they wanted to cook for you?

Eric and Martine Pelegrin were the chefs at Austin's beloved Chez Nous Restaurant, when in the fall of 2003 they decided to go into business for themselves. I remember their days at the local farmers market - we bartered my sweets for their unbelievable pork rilette, salmon mousse, or a variety of other French specialties.

Soon they moved on to greater things. After a brief stint running a small but popular "supper club" in South Austin, Eric and Martine founded their new venture "Bistro Le Marseillais". For several years now, the Austin gourmet community can order from a gorgeous online menu and get their French heat-and-eat meals delivered to their door step. What a wonderful concept!

Eric and Martine are two chefs who won't cut corners. They get only the best ingredients they can find for their preparations, even if it means to drive a few extra miles or to pay more money for freight. We are blessed to have them around, here in good old Austin, Texas.

Another reason why I'm blogging about my dear chef buddies - Martine writes a weekly newsletter on the front page of their web site and I want you to read it often, whether you'll order or not. Her personal stories and her historical accounts of French dishes, cocktails, individual food items, and much more, are so refreshing to read, and highly informative, too.

Go, say hello to Eric and Martine Pelegrin, at "Bistro Le Marseillais".

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