Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chef Karen Knows Best - The Power Of Cinnamon

Several times in the past few weeks, I've overheard my wife, Chef Karen, advising our farmers market customers on the antimicrobial power of cinnamon oil, as we use it in our Agasweet Cinnamon flavored agave nectar. I had been somewhat clueless in regard to this particular quality.

A couple of days ago, I found this article on the USDA Agricultural Research Service, touting the immense "antimicrobial punch" of cinnamon essential oils, along with the essences of oregano, thyme, and clove. Would you believe that these flavorful gifts from Mother Nature are strong enough to quell such food-borne pathogens as E. coli?

Learned something: listen to my wife. Learned something new?

There's quite a bit more info on essential oils and their culinary applications on my pages about Cooking with Lavender and Tangerine Ginger Dream Recipes. Have a look.

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