Thursday, July 17, 2008

Flavored Agave Nectar - A Reminder.

Much has been said and written about the benefits of agave nectar. It is a perfectly natural sweetener even suitable for diabetics due to it's low glycemic index rating - it won't cause a "sugar rush". Because agave nectar is 1.4 times sweeter than sugar, you can save on your calorie and carbohydrate intake by using less of it for the same sweetening power. So far, so good. Flavored agave nectar greatly expands the versatility of uses and promotes this healthy syrup into the condiment department. In addition to sweetening your coffee and tea, a few drizzles of lemon-flavored agave nectar quickly transform a rather ordinary piece of steamed fish into a palate-pleasing gourmet item. The secret here lies in the fact that when you address all taste buds simultaneously, this synergy creates a "flavor explosion" in your mouth. For exactly that reason, good chefs often add a little sugar or honey to their savory preparations. Aside from tickling the receptors for sour, salty, and bitter - the "sweet" buds get stimulated at the same time - and the the guests break out in "mmh-ing" compliments. The "Agasweet" brand flavored agave nectar offers 7 varieties: Pure Vanilla Pure Almond Lemon Cinnamon Peppermint Lavender Tangerine Ginger The flavoring agents are therapeutic-grade essential oils, except for Vanilla and Almond, which contain pure extracts. Imagine the possibilities for pancakes, waffles, cereals and yogurt! Amazingly, agave nectar has the quality of bringing out the flavors of any foods it is combined with. Take a handful of fresh strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries and macerate them with a few squirts of Tangerine Ginger Agasweet. After an hour or so, enjoy a fresh fruit dessert unlike any you have ever tasted. The remaining juice is simply divine! Throw some steaks, chops, or chicken breasts on the grill. At serving time, glaze the meats with a drizzle of Cinnamon or Lemon Agasweet and your guests will wonder what you have done that makes everything taste so good. The best way to enjoy flavored agave nectar is by using it in the purest form possible - from the bottle onto the food. The subtle yet distinct flavors add a gentle accent to your dishes, without being overpowered by the food's natural flavors. Don't hesitate to go overboard with flavored agave nectar when it comes to desserts. Use it in whipped creams (or on top) and custards, as a fabulous sauce for cheese cakes and other pastries, or simply on top of your favorite ice cream. You'll be surprised at the enhancing properties of this natural syrup. Be adventurous - play with different flavor combinations and try something a bit different, too. The French have used culinary lavender for centuries in their rustic bistro fare. Combined with agave nectar, lavender works wonders on lamb roasts and in bread. Especially when paired with lemony dishes, lavender will quickly seduce you away from the initially unfamiliar flavor experience into a surprised awakening toward something new - and wonderful!

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