Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bavarians Enjoy Big Breakfasts

I was born and raised in Munich, Germany. So I know a thing or two about Bavarian breakfasts. Country folks like to get up early, everywhere in the world. There are cows to be milked, and other chores to be taken care of before the sun comes up. A quick cup of strong coffee and a piece of delicious breakfast bread serve well as a first breakfast. Around 9 o'clock in the morning, it's time for the all-important second (Bavarian) breakfast. Here is where it gets interesting. A good, nutritious beer is of utmost importance. It should not be too heavy on the stomach, and not too high in alcohol content, either. A yeasty wheat beer is just right. We call it "Weissbier". But what about the meats? We have two main options: Weisswurst or Leberkaese. And pretzels, of course. And sweet mustard, too. All this should be eaten before 11 a.m., because around 12:30 or 1:00. the pork roast with bread dumplings is awaiting consumption. Have you ever wondered why Bavarians are big and strong? Get your recipes and more detailed info on my page "Scratch Baking For A Bavarian Breakfast". Photo by intercultura.es on flickr.com


squidster said...

Hmmm, I miss Brotzeit. Although I never quite acquired a taste for Weisswurst I just love Leberkas. Now I'm hungry but my fridge is empty :(

The Phantom Chef said...

A good hearty Bavarian breakfast. Is there any other way to start the day? I was born in Frankfurt and it must be in my genes or something, but I can't function without a decent breakfast. German sausages? Best in the world, bar none.