Thursday, July 3, 2008

Greetings from your new Giant!

I'm proud, I'm humbled, I'm thankful. After 5 months of making content-rich squidoo pages - most days until 2 a.m. - I have been honored with Giant Squid status. On January 29, 2008 I started out as a newbie in most things related to internet business, SEO, blogging, website building, etc. My activities on gave me an invaluable education, a new business direction, many new friends, and a super jolly good time. And it didn't cost me one cent. I do recommend it with all my heart that you check out your opportunities with I can't even begin to list all the friendly and generous folks that have helped me along my path to Giant Squiddom. However, I'll point those of you visitors who haven't tried Squidoo yet into the right direction. That's what my friends would want me to do, anyway. After you've signed up for free, read what the founder of, Seth Godin, has to say about your reasons to make a Squidoo page - then, go right ahead and make your first page (on Squidoo, a page is called a "lens"). You'll find help everywhere you look - in the forum and on many Squidoo tutorial lenses. Good luck and good sleepless nights. You're gonna love it. Thank you - HQ (Seth, Megan, Gil, Anne, Corey)! Thank you - Giant Squid organizers (Bonnie, Robin, Patti)!

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karen said...

You've always been a Giant in my book!