Sunday, October 12, 2008

Squidoo - A Good Investment?

Squidoo has taken over a good part of my life. At times, I even dream about making lenses...crazy, huh? The question is: Is it really worth it? My answer is a hearty "yes"! I'm happy with my returns, so far. So, I made a lens about this. Of course. It is amazing how much I've learned over the past 8 months, or so: SEO, HTML, graphic design, creative writing, blogging - all things I didn't have a clue about at the beginning of my Squidoo adventures. I join the ranks of many, many people who say, "I love Squidoo!" To find out more about my "reason why", please visit my new page: "Squidoo - A Good Investment?"


seedplanter said...

Hey Keem!

Been thinking of starting a blog to connect in with my Squidoo lenses, too. I ran across your link in your Squidoo - a Good Investment? lens today.

You're right; you appear to be having too much fun. The photo at the top of your lens explains it all. HA!

Lindsay said...

I didn't get into Squidoo until after I was making a living as a blogger, but I think it's a great sandbox for people who are looking to learn the basics you mentioned. (All you need to make a living online is "the basics"!) If you can make money on Squidoo, you can go on to make money on your own sites. :)