Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ms. Keemie's Love Advice Column

I've been missing something - on Squidoo... We're such a friendly and supportive community of lensmasters, yet - there's no place to go when we need profound advice on love, relationship, or life-in-general issues. No Dr. Phil or Dr. Laura (thank God!), or whatever in that direction. Until now! Just released and proudly announced: Ms. Keemie's Love Advice Column Ask anything that depresses, concerns, bothers or messes with you - about yourself or others - and Ms. Keemie will literally save you from putting that little gun to your temple! Whatever sinks your boat - Ms. Keemie has sunk lower. Believe me. Ms. Keemie has been there, done that, and risen from the ashes. Now, for the first time, this unbelievably generous woman will share her wisdom with the world. For free, to boot. Go, ask, and be happy again! Ms. Keemie's Love Advice Column - You'll be glad you asked!

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