Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ever had wild duck - cooked right?

Overcooked duck turns into "liver"! Nasty stuff. And it's a shame to waste the delicious meat of the bird. All of my guests at the Alaskan Driftwood Lodge tell me all the time (I'm NOT exaggerating!): "This is the BEST duck I've ever eaten in my whole life!" - a compliment from guys who go fishing and hunting all over the country and abroad. It means a lot! I cut the duck breasts into 2-bite-size pieces and marinate them for about 30 - 60 minutes in a mixture of fresh garlic, shallots, rosemary, olive oil, and a coarse steak seasoning blend. Then I heat a dry non-stick pan to the smoking point. I sear the meat for about a minute on one side, and another 45 seconds or so on the other side. That's it. Rare! The carry-over heat will finish the cooking to medium-rare on the way from the kitchen to the table. Serve immediately! A fun way to present this dish is as "Duck Nachos". Layer tortilla chips with cheese and jalapenos, and place the duck pieces on top and around the sides of the serving platter. I'll give step-by-step instructions together with lots of pictures and a video demonstration on my new page: "Wild Duck Recipe". Bon appetite!

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