Monday, January 26, 2009

How to buy Agasweet flavored agave nectar online!

Are you looking for an easy and secure way to order AGASWEET flavored agave nectar online? Would you like to take advantage of the BEST PRICE for AGASWEET flavored agave? Please visit my brand-new page with info on: "How to Buy Agasweet Online" What is AGASWEET? A 100% natural, pure, organic sweetener made from the juice of the agave plant, flavored with organic essential oils or pure extracts. Sounds good? Wait! There's more... The low-glycemic index rating of this delicious syrup makes it a great alternative sweetener for most diabetics and health-conscious folks concerned with their glucose intake. It won't cause an insulin spike, commonly called "sugar rush". Due to its purity, agave nectar won't crystallize like honey. No refrigeration is necessary! Perfect for cooking and baking, sweetening your coffee, tea, and even cold beverages. Again - wait, there's more... Flavored agave nectar can also be used as a healthy pancake syrup, or even as a glaze for seafood, poultry, and meats. The possibilities are endless! As Chef Keem (that's me, but you knew that...) always says - "Agasweet makes a gourmet chef out of you, with a simple squeeze or two..." The new Agasweet shopping site is up. Please stop by for a visit. Thank you! I would like to thank Squidoo lensmaster extraordinaire, Squid Angel "Squidster", for her generous assistance with coding the ordering widgets. Chef Jenni, over at "Pastry Chef Online", has been very enthusiastic with her support of my Agasweet. Check out JMField's new site for her unique approach to cooking and baking! When you have a moment, visit the incredibly resourceful blog of the "Reluctant Gourmet". Chef Jenni gave a great interview there, and I will be featured soon with my story. Thank you, all my dear readers, for your ongoing interest in my work. I appreciate your friendship so much!


Anonymous said...

I have celiac disease. Can you tell me if your Agasweet Pure Almond is gluten free, wheat free, barley and oat free. This is very important since I could end up in the hospital very ill if it contains any of these ingredients.

Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann said...

Hi Anonymous,
the production of Agasweet is licensed to out-of-state partners. I can not give you a guarantee in regard to wheat ingredients used in their facility where Agasweet is bottled.
However, my suggestion to you is to buy pure agave nectar and flavor it yourself with appropriate flavoring oils from your local health store. That way you are 100% sure about the ingredients and the production environment of your custom sweetener.
Best regards,
Chef Keem