Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kangaroo Lasagna and Funny Animations

Unrelated, friends! This doesn't mean you'll break into funny moves after stuffing your pouch with some saucy marsupial manga... I wanna share some good stuff with you! Number one - what a fine chef he is, this Mr. Benjamin Christie! Australian to boot. Celebrity, no less. Never more than a hop or two away from a bowl of kangaroo mince, his recipes are unique and intriguing, and not too difficult to do. Check out Chef Ben's fine blog and follow him on Twitter, if you like. Number two - looky thar! No more fast food, o.k.! FUNNY ANIMATED GIFS - FUNNY ANIMATED GIFS - Oh boy! Can I have a few more male subscribers here... FUNNY ANIMATED GIFS - FUNNY ANIMATED GIFS - Click on the link to get your own animations. They're free and might enhance your pages. You know, the ones with enhancement others, I mean...I'm digging myself into a hole... Better stop digging.

1 comment:

Eurosquid said...

Wow! Talk about Bling!

Chef Keem, what are you trying to tell us with these animations??