Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Best leftover recipe to die from (after the holidays)!

Some dishes are so good you don't care if they kill ya, right? You just want to eat and eat - unfortunately, you can't eat all that much of a truly rich dish. I always regretted that. Why is it that the better and richer a meal is, the sicker you get after fewer bites? People realized this many years ago and coined the phrase "Life ain't fair". Or something. This year in Alaska, I had a bunch of cooked red potatoes and a handful of thinly-sliced Idahos (from a scalloped potato dish) left-over. Lazy bum I am, I thought about using these for another side dish that evening. What's better than taters, bacon, and onions? Well - "with cream", for starters. That's better! So, I came up with a potato green bean carrot bacon onion gruyere casserole recipe. In short - pgbcbogcr. But I digress... I show you exactly how to make this thing, with tons of pictures and step-by-step instructions - here: Best Potato Casserole In The Universe


MiMi said...

Gotta go check that out!

Jaguar Julie said...

OMG, another man after my own heart. We grew up becoming originals in the kitchen with leftovers -- I think that's how a casserole first saw light -- leftovers all put together.