Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The story of The World's Best Kracker

Ladies and Gentlemen!

May I introduce to you - the Doctor! Doctor Kracker, that is.

It was in 1997, in Schwabach, Germany, when Dr. Klaus Karg began experimenting with cracker recipes, right in his own grandfather's bakery. His goal was to bridge the gap between austere Swedish flat breads and flavorful specialty breads. Through a long period of trial, error, and inspiration he created several flavor combinations such as Emmental Cheese Pumpkin Seed, Seeded Spelt, and Klassic 3-Seed Krackers.

That same year, Austin, TX master baker George Eckrich set out on a mission of his own: to find the most wholesome cracker of the Old World and to bring it back to his homeland, the good old US of A. This quest ultimately sent him to Germany, where a mutual friend introduced him to Dr. Karg, who was immediately impressed with George's trustworthiness and enthusiasm. A partnership was formed.

The company Dr. Kracker was founded in Dallas, Texas in 2003 by George Eckrich, Dr. Klaus Karg, Carsten Kruse, and a fourth partner, Danny Kelly, an expert in special bakery equipment.

In 2007, Dr. Karg sold his interest in the company to George, Carsten, and Danny. Today the company employs 25 people all committed to the same mission: to make the best-tasting and most nourishing crackers possible.

Dr. "George" Kracker says:

"In our quest to bake a nutritious and delicious, artisan flat bread Kracker, we have always insisted that our recipes use only the best ingredients and maximize the whole grains. We want our flavor profile to emphasize the flavors of the grains and seeds and the caramelization that naturally occurs during the baking process rather than the addictive power of sugar and fat."

"Specially selected, organically grown wheat, spelt and oats are the first step. To our Spelt Krackers we add extra bran for flavor, nutritional power and an extra crisp bake. Flax seeds go into all the doughs to enhance the basic texture. Our Graham Krackers use organic creamery butter and a thin coating of raw sugar and cinnamon to recreate the Graham Krackers as they were originally baked."

"All of our ingredients are organic and add important fiber, Omega-3 essential fatty acids, lots of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to the diet. Our Krackers offer substantial nutritional value, especially when compared to crackers, chips and other snack foods, and they celebrate the best flavors that a bakery can offer."

"It is one thing to emphasize and discuss the nutritional benefits of our Krackers, but in the end we are discussing food and not medicine. I hope that you come to love our Krackers as much as I do simply because they taste great!"

See my Squidoo lens "Crackers" for in-depth info and recipes with Dr. Kracker crackers.

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