Sunday, April 19, 2009

How Susan Boyle Would Make A Squidoo Lens

Seems like everyone has seen the video and read her story by now. Susan Boyle is all the rage, a media darling, and the inspiration 'du jour' for millions. Yet, she has done what most of us could strive for - in a way that applies especially to us Squidoo lensmasters:
  • She honed her craft
  • She ignored the nay-sayers
  • She aimed high
  • She stayed true to herself
  • She changed the world
Find more of my thoughts and the links to her bio and famous video on my latest post on I also created a TWTTRSTRM lens discussing what we can learn from the Susan Boyle phenomenon.


Eurosquid said...

Yes, Susan is a role model for us all. But Susan was 47 when she got her big break. But for every Susan who achieved success, how many aging, yet talented actors are in hollywood who have been waiting tables or pumping gas to survive all of their lives and never got their big break? How many business people have invested thousands of dollars in a business idea which never became a success?

Susan deserves her fame. She is very talented. But it is always difficult to know how much time and money to invest in an idea before giving up.

Seedplanter said...

I like your go-get-'em spirit, Chef. I also understand what Eurosquid is saying, because some will get the big break and others may not. And it might be that some aren't meant to go in a direction they think they should be going. Some of the nicest surprises happen when we get blindsided by a whole different avenue that what we'd anticipated.

Life is an adventure, for sure!

Attract Prosperity said...

Hi Chef,

I would say that Susan's characteristics are the recipe of success :)

This is a fun blog. Thanks for sharing.