Sunday, December 21, 2008

George Eckrich has vegan problems!

George is a master baker - he developed the wonderful Whole Foods Market bread bakery! A few years later, he brought an outstanding product to America: Dr. Kracker flat breads. Originally created in Germany by Dr. Karg, these healthy crackers can now be found in almost every supermarket across the USA. Good for George, and good for us, of course! George Eckrich and I both live in Austin, Texas and we're friends. This super-friendly guy has helped me a lot with good advice, over the years. George knows bread. Trust me on that one. Some time ago, I had made a Squidoo lens on Dr. Krackers. Meanwhile, George has picked up a vegan life style and he wrote a candid article about it. So, I made a new Squidoo page featuring George's experiences and I'd like for you to take a look: Dr. Krackers and George Eckrich

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